Taking pictures of statues under the moon is a challenging but enjoyable way to spend an evening. I was trying to capture the full moon over Apollo. When I finally caught it, there was a tip of a branch just blocking it. It seems like Apollo was not cooperating with this project. Maybe he was… Continue reading Night


We are finally getting some nice weather. Summer is a week away and we haven’t had three dry days in a row since last September. There is no drought around here. The plants and trees have completely recovered from last year’s heat dome. Everything is bursting with life. The line between civilization and wilderness is… Continue reading Spring


He’s so nervous, avoiding all the questions Don’t you just know exactly what they’re thinking? If only there was a sign, any little sign, to let me know how you feel about me, like a gentle rain or a pretty song. Is that a deluge or are you just happy to see me?


The griffon’s name is Bayractar. He is here to protect princess Cassandra. She loves him and feeds him pomegranates. He scares the birds away. It’s his main job and he is good at it. Birds and statues have a long history, and griffons have always done their part. Bayractar has keen hearing and eyesight. He… Continue reading Bayractar


Apollo was not invited to the statue party in the dream garden, but here he is. He’s trying to look harmless and adorable but I know it’s him. That’s his curly hair, and his favorite outfit, and his instrument. Not to mention, he arrived soaking wet on a beam of light, the showoff. What a… Continue reading Apollo


Ode to a Toad Cryptic eyes adorn your faceOh monster of a foreign race Are you a prince who loves to danceExuding royal countenance? Or just a frog beside a pathLike evolution’s aftermath? Intrepid tepid-blooded horrorPorous forest floor explorer If we kiss will you get sporty?Or will my lips get chapped and warty?


A pelican is a noble bird. They are known for their generosity and dignity. I painted my pelican with some of the less used colors in my paint box, including metallic silver and bronze. I have a lot of help with the garden. A great crew of guys has been working on the things in… Continue reading Pelican

Three Graces

Meet the Graces. These under-dressed siblings are the life of the party. They like to spend time in the forest attending keggers and gossiping with Aphrodite about the Muses. They are a bit vapid for being minor deities. They will spend all day doing their hair and makeup but then they will simply refuse to… Continue reading Three Graces


Cassandra was Trojan princess and she was blursed. It means she was blessed and cursed. She was blessed with the gift of prophesy. She could see what was coming. That was the gift she got from Apollo, who was hot for princess. He expected favors in return. But poor Cassandra was in a difficult position.… Continue reading Cassandra

Snow Hats

During the winter, my statues acquire marvelous hats. We are stuck at home due to snow and omicron. There is not much good news in the world. But at least my statues have hats. Everything will be better in the Spring, you will see.