Three Raccoons

I am not very good at painting Raccoons.

Raccoon with a purple pear

I should know what a raccoon looks like. I raised one when I was a kid.

Raccoon with a green pear

I mean, I could have looked at a picture of a raccoon or something. I’m pretty sure they don’t have a mustache.

Raccoon with a gold pear

He looks like he has caterpillars crawling out of his mouth.

Gray Raccoon

This one looks like he got turned to stone by a Medusa.

Pitiful raccoon

This one looks like he wants to hand you an inspirational pamphlet and ask you for a donation.

Incognito Raccoon

This one looks like he wearing a mask because he is so embarrassed he wants to hide his face.

I’m not even going to discuss the one in the background.

Sparkle Raccoon

I told you guys I’m not an artist.

By Diana Gruber

Mathematician, game developer, and statue painter