God of Music

Apollo was not invited to the statue party in the dream garden, but here he is. He’s trying to look harmless and adorable but I know it’s him. That’s his curly hair, and his favorite outfit, and his instrument.

How Gods Travel

Not to mention, he arrived soaking wet on a beam of light, the showoff. What a way to make an entrance.

Player of music, stealer of hearts

Apollo is here because the graces invited him. They like to dance in the forest, and he plays the lyre. I think he is planning to stay a while. He has made himself comfortable and we will all have to deal with it, including Cassandra.


Cassandra and Apollo have an unfortunate history. He was once obsessed with her. Now that she is no longer a temple virgin she may be open to his advances. But probably not, because guys like that are dangerous, even if he is pretty cute in his current form.

Cassandra is going to need protection. I will send Bayractar.

By Diana Gruber

Mathematician, game developer, and statue painter