Ode to a Toad Cryptic eyes adorn your faceOh monster of a foreign race Are you a prince who loves to danceExuding royal countenance? Or just a frog beside a pathLike evolution’s aftermath? Intrepid tepid-blooded horrorPorous forest floor explorer If we kiss will you get sporty?Or will my lips get chapped and warty?


A pelican is a noble bird. They are known for their generosity and dignity. I painted my pelican with some of the less used colors in my paint box, including metallic silver and bronze. I have a lot of help with the garden. A great crew of guys has been working on the things in… Continue reading Pelican

Three Graces

Meet the Graces. These under-dressed siblings are the life of the party. They like to spend time in the forest attending keggers and gossiping with Aphrodite about the Muses. They are a bit vapid for being minor deities. They will spend all day doing their hair and makeup but then they will simply refuse to… Continue reading Three Graces