Squirrels are friendly woodland creatures who collect nuts and save them for the winter. People love squirrels and frequently encourage them to visit. The best way to attract squirrels to your yard is to install a bird feeder. We put out one little serving of bird seed and within hours, we had squirrels in our… Continue reading Squirrel

Fire Fox

The fire fox, also known as a red panda, lives in Asia and eats bamboo. The fire fox is a beloved species due to his beautiful fur and magical powers. A popular Mozilla browser is named after this animal. Fire foxes are primary concerned with public safety and that’s why they make good produce inspectors… Continue reading Fire Fox


Humberto is fresh out of the bathtub and he is running around naked and giggling, with a purple towel and a lipstick mark from his mom. The kiss on his tummy is a secret revealed. There was a tiny odd indentation that I couldn’t figure out at first. I almost patched it but instead I… Continue reading Humberto


Elephants are strong and faithful. They can be a good friend if you let them. You must always treat an elephant with dignity and respect because an elephant never forgets. Photography tips When taking pictures of things, add a background and some props to make it look more interesting. To get lighting effects, use low… Continue reading Elephant


Desmond is another irresistible woodland spirit. You can see the love in his eyes in the form of little gold hearts. Desmond is bringing you gifts to impress you. Be careful or you could fall in love with the little scamp. Desmond is named after a cute kid who used to play with my son… Continue reading Desmond

The Dragon

A dragon is a legendary creature with features resembling a snake, a bird, and a cat. Dragons are beloved by every culture in the world. They make excellent companion animals because of their loyalty and fierceness. Dragons love gold and sometimes use it to decorate their scales. Despite reports to the contrary, dragons do not… Continue reading The Dragon


I am not very good at painting Raccoons. I should know what a raccoon looks like. I raised one when I was a kid. I mean, I could have looked at a picture of a raccoon or something. I’m pretty sure they don’t have a mustache. He looks like he has caterpillars crawling out of… Continue reading Raccoons


Bears are friendly omnivores. They like to eat honey and fish. Bears like to go on adventures with their friends. This clever bear likes to travel with a swan.


This statue contains several objects with interesting textures. There are two carved birds glued to some chunks of wood which are tied together with string. A couple of seashells complete the design. All the parts have detailed features that only appeared after they were painted. You can see the rings in the wood and the… Continue reading Waterfowl


Alice, Goddess of Working Women. Alice is competent and independent. She is smartly dressed with a pedicure and jewelry. She is sensible and strong-minded. She will bring fruit to your table for fair wages and tips. Alice controls her own destiny. She doesn’t need a man, but she occasionally enjoys their company. Don’t get smart… Continue reading Alice