Snow Hats

During the winter, my statues acquire marvelous hats. We are stuck at home due to snow and omicron. There is not much good news in the world. But at least my statues have hats. Everything will be better in the Spring, you will see.


Squirrels are friendly woodland creatures who collect nuts and save them for the winter. People love squirrels and frequently encourage them to visit. The best way to attract squirrels to your yard is to install a bird feeder. We put out one little serving of bird seed and within hours, we had squirrels in our… Continue reading Squirrel

Fire Fox

The fire fox, also known as a red panda, lives in Asia and eats bamboo. The fire fox is a beloved species due to his beautiful fur and magical powers. A popular Mozilla browser is named after this animal. Fire foxes are primary concerned with public safety and that’s why they make good produce inspectors… Continue reading Fire Fox