Bayractar the griffon

The griffon’s name is Bayractar. He is here to protect princess Cassandra. She loves him and feeds him pomegranates. He scares the birds away. It’s his main job and he is good at it. Birds and statues have a long history, and griffons have always done their part.

Birds: ” We don’t know what this is, but we hate it.”

Bayractar has keen hearing and eyesight. He moves silently on powerful wings. He has a beak like a machete, cat-like reflexes, and claws that can disembowel a hippo.

Guarding the bridge

Bayractar is the hero of people in desperate situations. Sometimes he leaves on business and comes back later covered in blood. Cassandra bathes him and offers him fruit but he never seems hungry after a battle.

If you ever see Bayractar, do not be afraid. He is here to protect you, unless you are evil. If you are evil, then you should be afraid.

By Diana Gruber

Mathematician, game developer, and statue painter